engAGEing through ARTing | with Emma Ward

Emma Ward EA

Watch with us on Sunday afternoon when we release our next engAGEing through ARTing film and podcast.

In this recording, Emma Ward would love to invite you into her art studio to share some stories about her latest artwork which has been inspired by the Fig trees of the Rockhampton Botanical gardens, plus a sneak peek to discover her most recent experiments in exploring new ideas. Watch whilst Emma shows you how she creates her own paint bushes and paints and see behind the scenes into the process of what goes into an artist creating a body of work.

This series has been funded by the State Government through the Advancing Queensland: an age-friendly community grants program.

Price: Free Event for Engaging through Arting Subscribers.

Where: This content will be provided online.

Who: This program is aimed at our ageing audience and has been funded through the Queensland State Government initiative: Advancing Queensland: An age-friendly community. All welcome!

No Booking Required

About the Artist

Emma Ward is local girl who has been painting full-time in her Gracemere art studio for ten years.  Predominantly a painter, Emma prefers Acrylics and watercolours, and as a mother of four, quick clean-up and less chemicals in the studio has been a priority.  Emma is a self-taught artist, returning to her creative pursuits in earnest after a shock in her early thirties when she discovered she had cataracts in both eyes.  This became a life changing moment which lead her to return to her childhood love of art.  Two eye surgeries later, Emma began showing her work publicly in Rockhampton in a retail store named ‘My Sister’s House’.  Since then Emma has had three solo shows and many group shows including ‘Counterparts’ at the Rockhampton Regional Gallery in 2019, and recently, a group exhibition titled ‘Botanics’ at the Gala Gallery in 2020.

Emma’s practice revolves around connecting feelings with memories and the importance of time.  As a catalyst to unlocking personal narratives Emma often uses natural objects in Still Life paintings, as well as personal objects to weave stories about identity, love and nature.  Emma’s work is feminine, romantic, and full of details.  Emma often paints people, animals, flowers and abstracts in her art studio.

Emma’s creative process often starts with watercolour washes on canvas or paper.  Often working directly onto the surface, most of Emma’s work is ‘freehand’ preferring not to pre-prep her surface, but to paint intuitively.  Drawing also plays a huge part of the inspiration process, and, as ideas develop Emma creates her stories into large watercolour artworks and acrylic paintings on canvas.  Emma’s inspiration comes from her emphatic connection to nature and nurturing her family.  Recently, Emma has begun to diversify her practise and use alternative mediums.  Currently Emma is exploring handmade brushes and making her own paints from natural pigments.  

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  • Sunday, 31 May 2020 | 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM