Animator of Laser Beak Man

Laser Beak Man Tim Sharp, Animator of Laser Beak Man.jpg

Laser Beak Man is an animated series out of Australia that follows the adventures of a red-beaked superhero with a cheeky sense of humor. Laser Beak Man was created by Tim Sharpe, a 21-year-old artist who was diagnosed with autism at age three. After Tim's initial diagnosis, his mom was told he would never talk, attend school or be capable of learning. With the help of Laser Beak Man Tim has defied doctors' expectations and achieved worldwide success, exhibiting in festivals and winning awards, including being a finalist for the Young Australian of the Year. Now, Tim and Laser Beak Man are ready for their next challenge and our conquering TV. Laser Beak Man came to cable TV earlier this year in an 8 episode animated series on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company). Several episodes will be shown at the Cinema Touching Disability Film Festival this year, along with a guest appearance by Tim Sharp!

Watch the video here.