Experimenta Make Sense: International Triennial of Media

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Move: Video Art in Schools

Move: Video art in schools is a collection of video art works that were distributed to schools in 2011 for use in the classrooms. The works are supplied in DVDs along with support materials. MOVE: Video art in schools includes work by Daniel Crooks, Shaun Gladwell, The Kingpins, Todd McMillan, Jess MacNeil, Tracey Moffatt, TV Moore, Patricia Piccinini, David Rosetzky, Grant Stevens,John Tonkin and Daniel von Sturmer.

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Move: Video Art Details

The Rockhampton Art Gallery has a copy of these DVDs for school use if required.

ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media) Study Guide

The ATOM guide to Experimenta Make Sense has been developed by the Australian Teachers of Media.
This resource is designed to complement a visit to the Experimenta Make Sense:
International Triennial of Media Art exhibition and has been developed for primary and secondary teachers and students to enable exploration and learning before, during and after their exhibition visit. This study guide expands on the exhibition themes, the artists, their artworks and the technology and techniques involved in their creation. It supports the information about artists and their works, essays and other resources in the Experimenta Make Sense exhibition catalogue. The Experimenta Make Sense exhibition and study guide offers many opportunities to promote Australian Curriculum Learning Areas, General Capabilities and Cross-curriculum priorities.

Online resources:

ATOM Study guide: Experimenta