How Art Galleries Shape Our Cultural and Economic DNA

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With the advancement of the online world, many subcultures have become a dying breed. Are art galleries the same?

In this episode we delve into a cultural discussion with Regional Economic Development Professor John Rolfe who explains just how important art galleries are, especially in this day and age. Professor John Rolfe delves into the cultural economics of art galleries and how these internal didactics contribute to society as a whole on a conscious and subconscious level. We hear about how the presentation of art is synonymous with the development of humanity, and with its rich history of storytelling, to forming new schools of thought in political and religious tendencies we find out how art really is a part of our DNA.


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This episode is part of Rockhampton Art Gallery's ENGAGEing through ARTing program. ENGAGEing through ARTing is a creative development program, focused on aging community needs across the spectrum of creative participation, learning and social interaction with Rockhampton Art Gallery. The program aims to upskill and develop capacity, facilitate exploration of personal creativity, provide public access to visual art and creative expression, build connections and foster social cohesion. These aims will be achieved through offering a variety of engaging talks, tours, workshops, films and excursions! ENGAGEing through ARTing is supported by the Queensland Government, Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors.