Film | The Alchemy of Found Object Assemblage Art

Peta Lloyd Social card.jpg

It’s storytelling with a twist - Peta Lloyd’s art features collections of discarded items, combined to create assemblage art that now tells new and old stories, putting a beautiful new take on the phrase “one man’s trash is another’s treasure”. In this episode we hear all about Peta’s exciting creative processes and the mediums she uses. As a self-confessed bricoleur (one who creates from a diverse range of available things), Peta Lloyd’s work has inspired others to take on a similar craft of exploration and discovery. Originally from Mildura, Victoria, Peta is now a Central Queensland local who has exhibited widely around the state and the country. This episode is part of Rockhampton Art Gallery's ENGAGEing through ARTing program. ENGAGEing through ARTing is a creative development program, focused on aging community needs across the spectrum of creative participation, learning and social interaction with Rockhampton Art Gallery. The program aims to upskill and develop capacity, facilitate exploration of personal creativity, provide public access to visual art and creative expression, build connections and foster social cohesion. These aims will be achieved through offering a variety of engaging talks, tours, workshops, films and excursions! ENGAGEing through ARTing is supported by the Queensland Government, Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors.