Dunne, Erin_resized.jpg

Erin Dunne’s 2019 solo exhibition at Rockhampton Art Gallery, House, was held from 2 March to 21 April.  It represented a significant shift in Erin's artistic practice. In this body of work, Dunne bridged her experiences as both artist and art educator to present an immersive exhibition with a focus on audience participation and collaboration.

House drew on ideas and imagery from Dunne’s exploration of dwellings and by delving into their personal and symbolic significance, she launched them into the third dimension. In bringing her drawings off the page and giving them a life of their own, the exhibition surprised, delighted, inspired curiosity and invited play for audiences of all ages and abilities.


Build your own house:  

  1. Print and cut out your paper house
  2. Either colour it in yourself, or cut and paste the elements on to it
  3. Fold and glue the sides together to complete your house

 A2-House-Cutout-with-elements.pdf(PDF, 29MB)

A3-House-Coloured-Elements.pdf(PDF, 5MB)