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The Capricornian

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For over two years, The Capricornian has been a Messy Mondays program partner at Rockhampton Art Gallery.  Through their partnership, our littlest of learners are exposed to the arts within a relaxed social setting. Messy Mondays creates a friendly environment for children to interact, explore and create with one another while being guided by a qualified gallery educator. Messy Mondays has become one of our most well supported programs that offers a welcoming space for parents and their children to spend quality time. With activities designed to enrich children’s creativity and awareness of the visual world around them, it is also a fantastic way for our tiny artists to develop small motor skills.

Rockhampton Art Gallery is about discovery - it inspires, educates and encourages new audiences to engage with art and culture. Thanks to the support of The Capricornian, Rockhampton Art Gallery is so pleased to offer the Messy Mondays program to our community.

Find out more about The Capricornian and what they do for the community.