Darumbal Storytime 2020 Term 3

Darumbal Storytime

Being a regional centre we strive to provide the community access to national practicing artists, to ignite arts and culture  as an interest area for the next generation. Through this program we aim to open up access to, and awareness of Darumbal culture, lived and told by todays Elders.

Darumbal Storytime  is facilitated and  through the direct engagement of today’s Elders aiming to further blur the confines of the gallery walls by extending the Rockhampton Art Gallery further into the community. Driven by a desire from Darumbal Elder Aunty Nicky Hatfield the program aims to increase knowledge and awareness of Darumbal oral history and living culture.

In this weekly program participants are guided in story and culture by Darumbal Elders and cultural leaders. In partnership with the Elders, through this project we aim to bring further into the light narratives, stories and traditions of the Darumbal people, while supporting Elders with industry accepted consultation fees.

Darumbal Storytime aims to foster a greater knowledge and understanding of Indigenous culture through the direct knowledge of living Elders to stimulate and broaden interest and enjoyment of Darumbal culture, and provide ongoing educational opportunities for the Central Queensland community.

This highly successful learning class is seeking future partners to continue its presentation. If you would like to be a program partner it would be great to hear from you.