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Conservation Campaign

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As artworks age, conservation actions need to be undertaken to preserve and protect them. Conservation is the process caring for artworks or objects by addressing environmental influences and inherent conditions that can cause them to deteriorate. By managing these factors through careful assessment and conservation measures, we can ensure that artworks remain accessible and in excellent condition into the future. 

Artworks are just like you and I, they need rest, a beauty treatment now and then, and sometimes a trip to the doctor- or even the surgeon if things are left without care for too long! Without active conservation, the Gallery’s paper based collection will gradually acquire more and more damage and eventually lose their artistic merit and value to the community. Rockhampton Art Gallery’s collection includes nearly 800 works on paper. The required conservation treatment, to be performed by conservators and collections staff, will cost an average of $100 per artwork.

To assist Rockhampton Art Gallery in performing these treatments, the Friend’s of Rockhampton Art Gallery supporting a Conservation Campaign which aims to raise $8,000 to support the conservation of 80 works on paper that have been deemed most in need of treatment. If you wish to help, donations of more than $2 are tax deductible and every dollar counts. You can even adopt a particular artwork yourself, or with a group of friends! Your name/s will then be added to the artwork caption to be visible to all who view these artworks in the future, making this method of donation a fantastic gift for friends and family, especially for that person who has everything!

To join the Friends of Rockhampton Art Gallery’s Conservation Campaign and help conserve Rockhampton Art Gallery’s paper based collection you can donate via the individual artwork donation boxes in the exhibition spaces, or online.

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