Gold Patron 2021

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Rockhampton Art Gallery has its foundations in the support of, and investment in living artists. This ethos has been passed down as an institutional value formed in its founding era, in the legacy Mayor Rex Pilbeam. Rockhampton Art Gallery Philanthropy Board has honoured its founding history and commitment to contemporary Australian painting established by Rex Pilbeam by establishing a donor program for the Gold Award. The Gold Patron Program has been developed to enable Rockhampton Art Gallery to continue to grow its nationally significant collection, keeping it relevant, current and inspiring by developing an acquisition fund for the Gold Award. With a patron program for each Gold Award, the inaugural Patron’s will support the acquisition fund for Gold Award 2021.

Gold Patrons’ directly fund artworks from the Gold Award as recommended by the Rockhampton Art Gallery. The continued growth of the Gallery’s collection keeps it current, relevant and exciting, further fostering the Rockhampton region as a centre for art. A centre that supports artist, lifelong learning, and access to the best of Australian art. Donations are fully tax-deductible. Gold Patrons 2021 pledge $2,500.00 per annum over the 3 financial years 2018-2019, 20192020 and 2020-2021. Collectively the Gold Patrons 2021 raise $150,000 for art purchases from the Gold Award 2021.

The Gold Patron Program is fully subscribed.

Gold Patrons 2021
Mr. Eric Anderson & Mrs. Beverley Anderson
CITY PRINTING WORKS: Mr. Warwick Anderson & Mrs. Bianca Anderson
Mr. Wayne & Daniels & Mrs. Jan Daniels
Dr. Ian Etherington & Mrs. Zoe Etherington
Dr. Leonie Gray & Mr. Bill Legg
Mrs. Maria Harms & Mr. Rod Harms
Mr. Robert Hughes & Mrs. Helen Hughes
Mr. Simon Irwin                         
Mr. John Kele &Mrs. Cynthia Kele
Dr. Nick Manning and Mrs. Nadene Manning
Dr. Allen Moore & Dr. Teresa Moore
Mr. Andrew Palmer & Mrs. Penny Palmer
Mr. Rick Palmer
Dr Joe Putman & Mrs Christine Putman
REES R & SYDNEY JONES: Mr. Gerard Houlihan & Mrs. Lyn Houlihan
Mr. Gordon Stewart                                              
Mr. Darryl Strelow & Mayor Margaret Strelow
THE CAPRICORNIAN: Mr. Dale Grounds and MRS. Angela Grounds
THE REAL GROUP: Mrs. Karla Way-McPhail and Mr. Peter McPhail


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