The Capricornian

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Messy Monday’s is a welcoming and friendly place to play. A place for parents with children to be welcomed into a gallery setting. This grows visitor behavior and cements their adult visiting habits. 

The Capricornian's annual support for Messy Mondays enables the Central Queensland children to be exposed to creative thinking and problem solving. Opportunities like this has been found to better equips our younger generations with thinking styles that better equip the capacity to lead our future.

The Capricornian use some of their profits to give back to the community in which they operate. Their focus is on strengthening relationships and supporting worthy organisations and initiatives in Central Queensland.

Rockhampton Art Gallery is about discovery. It inspires, educates and encourages new audiences to engage with art and culture. Rockhampton Art Gallery is so pleased to have the support of The Capricornian, both organisations are in touch with the community and aim for inclusivity.  

Find out more about The Capricornian and what they do for the community.