First Nations' Artist Educator Opportunity Call


Rockhampton Museum of Art is seeking First Nations’ Artist Educators to deliver programs that complement our programming schedule and upcoming exhibitions from 2021- onwards. We are seeking First Nations Artist Educators to deliver a broad range of education programs that are directly or indirectly linked to art. 

  • Adult workshops and Masterclasses
  • Evening events and performances
  • Holiday and after-school programs
  • Parties and celebratory events
  • Lectures and talks
  • Online content

Rockhampton Museum of Art contracts a range of artist educators. They are key in the active delivery of engaging public programs at Rockhampton Museum of Art. We believe that First Nations Artist Educators are critical to reimagining the ways by which representations of First Nations peoples’ and stories are shared at Rockhampton Museum of Art.

First Nations Artist Educators are essential in fostering creative learning and critical thinking in a safe and supported environment for First Nations and non Indigenous participants as well as through programs with combined audiences. They prioritise safe cultural protocols in the planning and delivery of programs and ensuring all materials and intellectual property have appropriate approvals by relevant persons and/or groups.

More information: First-Nations-Artist-Educator-Opportunity-Call_Update.pdf(PDF, 1MB)

Apply via the online form below or this printable application form here(PDF, 217KB)

Due Date: Monday 26 April 2021

This First Nations' Artist Educator opportunity is part of Reimagining Representation, an initiative of Rockhampton Museum of Art, funded by a grant from the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation.