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23 March 5 May 2019

The natural environment is not only an intense source of inspiration for Yeppoon-based artist Maree Purnell, it also serves to literally and physically inform her drawn and painted works. Non-representational, yet strongly influenced by nature, Wild’s body of works have been completed largely within the local landscape and intentionally exposed to the elements. 

A sustained practice of drawing underpins each of the paintings followed by a process of layering where images are suggested rather than structurally delineated. Forms are allowed to organically emerge and details are revealed that reference the abstract or the intangible – the shifting force of matter with a brush mark, a line or drip of paint. 

Wild represents Purnell’s ongoing response to the degradation of habitat and evidence of a shifting environment in and beyond the region that can be attributed in part to the increase in human and climate related impacts. The works in Wild convey a contrast of surface and texture and connect the viewer to the state of subtle transformation evident in the environment. The result is a series of abstract works that refer to disturbance and evolution. It’s the space that exists between the beauty and promise of abundance in the environment that give the works in Wild their essence.

Price: FREE
Where: Rockhampton Art Gallery, Merilyn Luck Gallery
Parking: Victoria Parade or Bolsover Car Park behind the Gallery