Some things on the table: Still lifes by Anitha Menon

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1 September 2018 – 14 October 2018

Some things on the table peels back the layers on the ordinary objects of life. Artist Anitha Menon explores her immigrant background and the act of homemaking, through a study of inanimate objects while posing: 'are people more important than things'?

In this still-life series, Menon seeks out the nexus of the relationship between things and people. A journey of self-discovery and an exploration into the everyday items associated with existence. Universal themes of migration and identity are deftly distilled through the prism of day to day domesticity.

Some things on the table is the twelfth exhibition to grace the walls of the Merilyn Luck Gallery for Central Queensland artists. This initiative honours the contribution of Rockhampton Gallery supporter Mrs Merilyn Luck, who has long recognised the Gallery as ‘the cultural heart of our city’.

Anitha Menon is a visual artist based in Rockhampton.

Works currently on display by Anitha Menon in the Merilyn Luck Gallery are available for sale. For more information, please see our Merilyn Luck Gallery Online Store.


Where: Rockhampton Art Gallery, Merilyn Luck Gallery

Parking: Victoria Parade or Bolsover Car Park behind the Gallery.