Clockwork Royals


29 June – 18 August 2019

Clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades: playing cards are intrinsically woven into the fabric of everyday life and straddle both cultural and social divides through their universality. More than merely graphic tablets, toys or tools, playing cards are cultural imprints that reveal popular customs and peculiarities. In Clockwork Royals, artist Noel Brady uses available materials or “bricoleur” to masterfully recreate their classic lines, form and design.

Emu Park based Brady grew up playing cards with his grandmother by the light of a kerosene lamp and has always been drawn to the picture cards in a standard deck of 52. Bold but simply dressed in regal, geometric patterns and motifs, the designs rely heavily on line, colour, balance, movement, and repetition for immediate impact - the same elements that form the basis of Brady’s practice.

Focusing on the picture card power couples, the Kings and Queens, Brady dissects their unique personalities using an assemblage of piano parts, recycled objects, wood, metal, rubber, cardboard and plastic and recreates the eight monarchs and their medieval motifs in relief. 

Price: FREE
Where: Rockhampton Art Gallery, Merilyn Luck Gallery
Parking: Victoria Parade or Bolsover Car Park behind the Gallery