Squat vessel c.1984, by Jeffrey Mincham



Jeffrey Mincham (b. 1950) | Squat vessel (c.1984) | raku copper fumed stoneware | Purchased 1984. 

Jeffery Mincham’s career as a leading figure in Australian ceramics, spans more than four decades. His practice is characterised by his complex relationship with the Australian landscape; particularly his childhood home in the Coorong and his current home in the Adelaide Hills.

The way that Mincham manipulates his medium is constantly evolving. His long and varied use of the capricious traditional Japanese Raku aesthetic has forged a distinct style, in which the landscape is both viewed and experienced. Minchham says that his work speaks of “harsh, dry, windswept lands, of the shimmering distance beneath brooding skies”. This is particularly resonant within his Squat vessel created in 1984. 

Early Years Interpretation 

Jeffery Mincham is a ceramic artist who is well known for his hand-building and firing his glazes multiple times. Jeffrey is inspired by the landscape, particularly the landscape near his childhood home in Coorong in South Australia. He believes that it is important to push and explore materials in ways that have not been done before.

This artwork is called Squat Vessel (c.1984) has been made using the raku technique which is an unpredictable way of firing pottery. Jeffrey believes that it is the constant struggle that produces the best work. This work has four decorative handles and markings around the outside, what do you think these marking symbolise?