Spherical Jar, by Peter Andersson


Peter Andersson (b. 1952) | Spherical Jar (c.1988) | matte lead, lithium and chrome glazed stoneware | Purchased 1988.

Peter Andersson is an Australian ceramicist who trained at McLarenVale Pottery, Cherryville Studios and at Jam Factory, before setting up his own studio at Stirling East, Souch Australia. In 1986, shortly before this vessel Spherical Jar (1988) was created, he had moved his studio to Glynde, South Australia. For a number of years Andersson served as Creative Director Jam Factory’s Ceramics Studio, before moving to the Adelaide Hills. Andersson’s ceramics are characterized by the application of dry glazes on textured surfaces, emulating ancient civilisations. 

Early Years Interpretation 

Peter Andersson is an Australian ceramicist whose work often has dry glazes that have no shine. His works are also often textured with rough surfaces that make them look old. Peter’s work has been exhibited widely throughout Australia.

This artwork is called Spherical Jar (c. 1988) and is a bulbous ballooning jar with trawled lines raked across the surface. The colours are red earthen and burnt umbers giving the jar the look of red hot Australian soil. What tools do you think Peter used to make these markings?