Raku Jar c. 1986, by Chris Cockell



Chris Cockell (1971 - 1992) | Raku jar (c.1986) | earthenware, raku fired | Gift of Capricornia Potters, 1986.

Chris Cockell (1971 – 1992) was a London-born ceramicist who spent much of his life creating work in New Zealand. Cockell entertained a profound appreciation for clay and the firing process, often experimenting and learning the vagaries of gas and wood as fuel, evidenced through the above Raku Jar (c. 1986).  Working relentlessly to make his firing more effective, Cockell through trial and error, sought to refine and reimagine the gas firing process in the context of New Zealand. His innovation was realised against the background of the 1970s oil crisis, with many potters adopting the findings of Cockell’s publication The Gas Kiln Book (1984) and switching to a liquefied petroleum gas alternative.