Monkey Pot 1979, by Greg Irvine



Greg Irvine (b. 1946) | Monkey pot (c.1979) | stoneware and copper glazes | Purchased 1979.

Greg Irvine (b. 1946) is an Australian artist known for his painting, printmaking and figurative ceramic sculptures. This hand-built vessel, Monkey pot (1979) is typical of Irvine’s ceramic work and depicts two monkeys clutching the side of a dark-brown clay pot, glazed with copper-green accents. During this period, Irvine developed a number of expressionist figures, inspired by his travel to Southeast Asian destinations. 

Early Years Interpretation 

Greg Irvine is a painter and printmaker as well a sculptor and ceramicist. During the period that this pot was created Greg liked to create sculptures that showed a clear expression and emotion.

This sculptural work is called Monkey Pot (1979) and shows two monkeys clinging to the outside of a pot, can you spot the other animal hidden at the back of the sculpture? What emotion do you think each monkey is feeling?