Earth Form Vase c. 1986, by Yvonne Bouwman



Yvonne Bouwman| Earth form vase (c.1986) | raku clay | Purchased 1986. 

Yvonne Bouwman is an experienced ceramicist. Significantly influenced by the Australian landscape, Bouwman’s work has evolved over the years to incorporate colours and contours unique to the Australian outback. Earth Form Vase (c. 1986), forms a prime example of Bouwman’s early ceramic work, which has been treated with layers of oxides and ‘raku’ fired to create rich textures and organic colouring. Bouwman’s process combines delicacy with roughness, often relinquishing control over her materials to yield vessels and dishes that reflect the innate dichotomies and extremes of Australian environments. 

Early Years Interpretation 

Yvonne Bouwman is a ceramicist artist who works mainly in hand building. Yvonne draws inspiration from looking at the Australian Outback and rugged Australian terrain which is shown in the rough surfaces and layers of oxide colours you can see when looking at her works.

This artwork is called Earth Form Vase (c.1986) and has smooth surfaces as well as rough and sharp markings, the oxide colours and layers made the vase look like it is a natural form and not a manmade object. What type of environment do you think Yvonne was inspired by when she made this artwork vessel?