Arts and Heritage of Central Queensland


Since its inception, Rockhampton Art Gallery has maintained an active acquisition of works of art and objects of cultural heritage relating to Central Queensland. A significant collection from the colonial period is the Mackay Family collection, which includes daguerreotypes, carte de visites and heirlooms relating to their Scottish heritage.

Also reflecting this colonial period is the donation of the painting Portrait of Dr Francis Robert Tomkins 1785-89, attributed to British artist Lemuel Francis Abbott, photographs from the Lundager studio, and drawings by Alpha artist Harriet Neville-Rolfe. The recently acquired Rod Laver collection of tennis trophies, photographs and posters celebrates the international achievements of this remarkable athlete who maintains a strong connection to Central Queensland.

The acquisitive, biennial Bayton Award is an opportunity for Central Queenslanders to exhibit works of art in their chosen medium at the Gallery. Central Queensland artists represented in the collection include Kobie Swart, Michele Kershaw, Gil Jamison, Peter Indans, Luke Roberts, Davida Allen, William Yaxley, Fiona MacDonald and Erin Dunne. Broadly the Gallery also collects work by Queensland artists, including modernists Kenneth Macqueen and Vincent Brown, and contemporary artists Michael Cook and Mike Chavez.