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Rockhampton Museum of Art

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Rockhampton Art Gallery is being reimagined within a new vibrant cultural precinct and community space that will activate Rockhampton’s CBD, enrich tourism, and boost economic activity in the region.

Rockhampton Regional Council is embarking on a bold plan to bring the Rockhampton Art Gallery into the 21st century. The plan proposes to relocate the Gallery from the outskirts of the CBD into the heart of it, and make the Gallery one of the main stimuli in the regeneration of the Rockhampton CBD.  The new Gallery will be nestled within the Riverside Redevelopment, and will contribute to the life and atmosphere of the region.

Framed by the CBD Redevelopment Framework, the plan to relocate Rockhampton’s Art Gallery is identified as a key project in the revitalisation strategy. This strategy focuses on creating a vibrant cultural hub and active community precinct around the historic Customs House and Quay Street.

The new Gallery will make the region’s significant and notable collection more accessible to the community through expanded gallery spaces, provide opportunities to show touring exhibitions, and offer spaces for education and community engagement. In short, the new Gallery will reinvigorate the local economy and provide a tourist drawcard for visitors from interstate and beyond.

Planning for the redevelopment of the Rockhampton Art Gallery has been in play for a number of years and is supported by feasibility analysis that shows economic, cultural and community benefits for Rockhampton, the Central Queensland region, and the state.

The project will deliver a cutting-edge Cultural Precinct for Central Queensland, activating economic transformation and population growth.  It will also be an Australian first in the sector; being intentionally designed with both architectural and operating features offering unique access benefits for Australia’s aging population.  This socially inclusive, professionally educational, and digitally entrepreneurial gallery is a catalyst for the Rockhampton CBD revitalisation.

Through funding by the Queensland Government Council has appointed a collaborative team of Conrad Gargett Architects, Clare Design and Brian Hooper Architect to develop the design of the new Rockhampton Art Gallery and help to transform the CBD.