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The Rockhampton Art Gallery Philanthropy Board plays a strategic leadership role in the development and delivery of philanthropic actions and campaigns to help advance the Rockhampton Art Gallery’s quest to achieve its cultural vision for the Rockhampton region. The key role of the Philanthropy Board is to raise funds and encourage donations to assist the Gallery in acquiring works of art for the permanent collection, provide financial assistance for the Gallery's programs and facilitating financing major capital infrastructure projects.


Board Members

Membership is created based on knowledge, skills, experience and affiliation to the Rockhampton Region and Australian arts industry. The Board brings togeterh a range of skills including commercial acumen, entrepreneurial approach, innovation, marketing, philanthropy, strategy and stakeholder engagement (including other levels of government, cultural institutions and collectors).

Meet the current and past Board Member.




Annual Giving Campaign

The Annual Giving Campaign is a call-out to everyone to donate to the Rockhampton Art Gallery Philanthropy Board. Whatever the contribution, donation, gift, bequest, endowment and no matter how small or large, any assistance to the Philanthropy Board is greatly appreciated.

Your donation to the Rockhampton Art Gallery Philanthropy Board will tangibly support the Gallery's exciting vision and make an enduring difference for the benefit of future generations.



Fairweather Puzzle

The purchase of Ian Fairweather’s Painting II will significantly add to the Rockhampton Art Gallery’s permanent Collection. This work presents a pivotal  example of modernism not yet represented in Rockhampton Art Gallery’s Collection. To continue building the ‘cream’ of our Collection, Rockhampton Art Gallery has launched a fundraising campaign to purchase Painting II by Ian Fairweather. You can help us the purchase Painting II, Ian Fairweather’s painting by supporting our puzzle campaign.  This campaign enables  donors to identify pieces of a puzzle created from a replica of the artwork.  


Gold Award

The Philanthropy Board administers the estate of Moya Gold through the biennial Gold Award. Designed as an invitation award to consider the best in contemporary painting while simultaneously building a substantive collection, the most outstanding work or works by an artist are  awarded a  $50,000 cash prize and acquired for the Collection.



Date Published: 22/02/2017
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