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The Reef: Ken Done

The Reef Ken Done at Rockhampton Art Gallery

The Reef
Ken Done


Ken DONE (b. 1940) | Christmas Tree Reef 1 (detail) 2014 | oil on linen | courtesy of Ken Done


Ken DONE (b. 1940) | Christmas Tree Reef 1 (detail) 2014 | oil on linen | courtesy of Ken Done


15 October – 27 November 2016

A Rockhampton Art Gallery exhibition

Ken Done is an icon of Australian visual culture, recognised globally for his scenes of Sydney Harbour that are painted in a riot of colour. His work has appeared on everything from doona covers to t-shirts, and featured in the closing ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Less known, but equally celebratory, is Done’s ongoing series of reef paintings and drawings.

Done has always had a fascination with the world beneath the waves. As a boy he went spearfishing at Balmoral, and as an adult has snorkeled and dived at some of the world’s most renowned tropical paradises: Fiji, Tahiti, Palau, and Guam.

Sketching those experiences, Done often then works his colourful marks into larger paintings, showing the unique forms and luminous colours of coral and fish. Done may not always be depicting one particular dive, or snorkeling site, but rather he portrays the essence of that experience – one of discovery and wonder.


Ken Done Masterclass

Monday 14 November, 2016

6.00pm - 8.00pm



Working with the master of colour Ken Done, learn all these is to know about colour in this rate masterclass opportunity.


Tuesday 15 November, 2016

8.00am - 9.30am


 Breakfast with Done image


Sit down with Australian Art royalty, Ken Done as he discusses his artworks over breakfast.




Tuesday 15 November, 2016

10.00am – 3.00pm




This is an amazing and free opportunity for school students to meet Ken Done and to visit Rockhampton Art Gallery.


Ken Done Angel Fish Banner

15 October - 27 November, 2016

10.00am - 4.00pm


Ken Done Angel fish image

As part of The Reef by Ken Done visitors are encouraged to making Angelfish inspired by the reef.



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